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Mahiki On Food

I’ve been chomping on it for a while, but what i didn’t realise is that many people didn’t understand that  Mahiki, Mayfair serves up a tasty Polynesian inspired menu (it’s not just all about the famous cocktails.)  Mahiki can be found on  Dover Street and their ‘island grill’ consists of several ‘mini-bites’-my favourite Mahiki ‘Slider’ burger – made with bespoke patties by Master Butcher Allan’s of Mayfair, American cheese and a brioche bun.  Combined with a Treasure Chest the food really adds to the tropical theme, and lines the stomach nicely!


Luzi Bombon- Madrid

Last saturday ten of us went to Luzi Bombon which was perfect for drinks and dinner.  Acting as the ideal appetizer for a long night ahead, with a late night bar and DJ to start up your weekend.  Personally, the Mediterranean brasserie was my highlight, being able to choose fish, beef, pork or poultry to be cooked up on the grill (alternatively a few people had a two-person arroz’.)  We all ate with an variation of small sides and shared smaller plates to start!  The food became a focus, leading to discussions over what people felt was nicest etc- I like the sense of unity tapas cuisine creates.

Interior-wise I would describe the aesthetic is as a combination of furnishings from the 1950’s with clean, crisp block furnishings; wooden walls, simple textiles and dynamic lines.  The way the restaurant is lit focuses on the materials, creating a  warm, inviting atmosphere. The outside garden area surrounding the modern building provide a picturesque entrance, giving you the option to enter through a large iron and glass door, or take a more subtle entrance through a chic wooden access door at the side of the building.  For me, the restaurant feels very ‘of the moment’ and it has a nice atmosphere, it is not suprising that the Beckham’s really rate this place.  Similarly, on the football front we were sat in front of, Sergio Ramos who really seemed to be enjoying himself.  I would definitely recommend going here, great atmosphere, environment and all at reasonable cost.

To Hell With Tradition, Mother’s day lunch…a day late at Roux at The Landau

My brother, sister and I treated my mother today, by venturing down the end of Regent Street, being home to a stunning heigh ceilinged dining room;  Roux at the Landau.  The interior design beautifully combines features fit for it’s high end diners (so we felt it perfect for mother, who adores the finer things in life!)   The entrance to the restaurant is framed gloriously with a floor to ceiling wine cabinet, embellished with dense,gold handles.  This lured us into the main restaurant where we were seated beneath impressive architecture; heavy dark arches.  The room could be described as perfect, emphasised by the mass of sun booming through the vintage  bay windows, highlighting the details of  intricate furnishings and architecture; leather, metals, chandeliers, exquisite cutlery and the fresh table-roses.  The layout being circular creates a sense of unity, (without being intimidating) as there is still room for  breathing space.  The staff make one feel extremely welcome, being polite, considerate,and particularly smiley  (there is nothing worse than a sour-grape server in my opinion!)

To accompany the Prosecco, I ordered a bitter green salad, which was an interesting choice, fusing  a range of natural fresh flavours with the bite of sharp cheeses.  I was pleased with my choice, proving quite light, in contrast to my main of sirloin steak.  My beef was a triumph, perfect-pink, tender, moist and heaped with flavour.  The accompanying sides of garnished vegetables were the perfect combination, with a dash of hollandaise and the best amount of gravy.  I didn’t order a dessert, but I found myself getting cheese-envy when my brother’s option arrived; a selection of the finest cheeses, accompanied by  melba toast, traditional chutney, looking even more appetising on the vintage serving tray with beautifully illustrated labels.  Sorry for not mentioning what they others ate, but when it comes to food I just anticipate it, concentrate on it and devour it.  However, I take it from my self- confessed ‘squiffy’ mother that she had a good time.  She is still going on about her hand made ice cream (I think that says success!)  A place well worth a trip if you want to spoil someone, especially for lunch as the sun really benefits this spectacular venue.